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November 27, 2017
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Key features

Automatically detects almost any game running, even new releases
Automatically gathers usable descriptions for detected games
Detects user in-game activity
Collects gaming controller usage statistics
Allows to add older games into Windows Games Explorer
Supports 64-bit OS and applications
Supports Windows Store (UWP) applications
Supports user profiles
Does not reduce performance of your gaming rig
It's free of charge!

Is a freeware, it is free for noncommercial usage
Doesn't include any adware or banners
Has no expiration date
Is available for direct download without any registration
System requirements

Operating system Microsoft Windows XP or later version (including Microsoft Windows 10)
Redistributable of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or more recent version
Recent version of Microsoft DirectX libraries
Checked for malware

I am grateful to my most active users

Ricardo Afonso
Vladimir Koshko
Fredi Kukovec
Artem Postegin
Daniel Saner

Completion of video games - how much time do we spend on it?

Announcement: time tracker now supports Universal Windows Platform (UWP, Windows Store) applications in Microsoft Windows 10 operating system!

UWP applications in Windows 10 are very hard to detect properly. Thank you, awesome guys from Microsoft! Just kidding. It took me almost half a year to create a working strategy for Windows Store games. Right now my program successfully detects:
  • Native UWP applications running in fullscreen mode (Shift + Win + Enter)
  • Classic Win32 applications published in Windows Store using Desktop-to-UWP bridge
UWP application detection probably will never be as good as Win32 application detection due to countless restrictions of Windows Runtime API.

The story behind this program

I like to play video games. I used to play them on various gaming platforms, but eventually moved to personal computer. Now I mostly play PC games. From time to time I ask myself:
  • How much time have I spent on a particular video game title?
  • What PC game had taken the largest period of my lifetime?
  • What distance have I covered with my mouse playing my favourite strategy or quest?
  • How many joystick buttons have I pressed playing my favourite fighting game?
  • How have my gaming activity changed in the course of year?
A few game titles give us their completion statistics. But, as a rule, it includes only clean, not total, gameplay time. At the same time, we sometimes replay really difficult game levels for hours, don't we?
So why don't we log our own gameplay time statistics? It will show us later how we waste our precious lives. Sadly, I haven't found suitable gameplay tracking software on the net.
Being not only a gamer but a software developer, I decided to create such an application by myself. In no time it was made. Since that moment I collect my gameplay time stats. I find this program useful and I hope you will do too. So I want to share my Gameplay Time Tracker with you.

Who might like this program?

  • Amateur players, who want to know on what video game they are wasting their lives
  • Hardcore gamers, eager to compare their walkthrough times of difficult games with others
  • Parents of young players, willing to control time spent by their children on PC games
  • Users of Steam™, Raptr™ or Xfire™ services, who want to get similar functionality for almost any game without Internet connection

Known applications with similar features

  • Activity Log™, embedded application on Nintendo 3DS™ portable gaming console
  • Xfire™, application for tracking online-games on PC
  • Raptr™, social network client for Microsoft Xbox Live™, Sony PlayStation Network™ and Steam™ accounts
  • True Time Tracker™, application for PC
  • StatWin™, computer monitoring software
Raptr is designed for online players having their network accounts, it will not monitor your offline games.
Xfire requires explicit game support. Also permanent Internet connection is required.
True Time Tracker has rich functionality, but requires too much action to setup reports.
StatWin monitors almost everything, but it is complex and overpriced.
On the contrary, I am trying to create simple and easy-to-use application designed especially for gamers which requires minimal user interaction. Besides, my application will work with almost any game, already existing or being developed.

How do I start using this program on my PC?

Use hyperlink to “Download” page, choose the most suitable package and download tiny installer of Gameplay Time Tracker. Run this installer and setup application onto your PC. It will automatically run after operating system boot and start to track your gaming achievements. Detailed description of this program is available at “Description” page.
I hope you will enjoy using this software. Have a nice play!

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