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Key features

Automatically detects almost any game running, even new releases
Automatically gathers usable descriptions for detected games
Detects user in-game activity
Collects gaming controller usage statistics
Allows to add older games into Windows Games Explorer
Supports 64-bit OS and applications
Supports Windows Store (UWP) applications
Supports user profiles
Does not reduce performance of your gaming rig
It's free of charge!

Is a freeware, it is free for noncommercial usage
Doesn't include any adware or banners
Has no expiration date
Is available for direct download without any registration
System requirements

Operating system Microsoft Windows XP or later version (including Microsoft Windows 10)
Redistributable of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or more recent version
Recent version of Microsoft DirectX libraries
Interface languages

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Slovenian
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

  1. Question: I have been using similar application or online service for some time. How can I transfer my gameplay times into this application?
    Answer: you can add gameplay time manually for any detected game using corresponding context menu command.
  2. Question: I am fond of using “Games Explorer” (“Games” folder) in Windows 7 operating systems. Sadly, many old games are not being added there upon installation or launch. Can't your application help me?
    Answer: yes, it does. Starting from version 1.3 there is an export to “Games Explorer” feature in corresponding context menu item. The game is exported with your description and selected logo. If my application can find GDF (Game Definition File XML) resource, it will be used in export procedure. This feature may not work well with User Account Control (UAC) enabled.
  3. Question: I have installed this application, but it gives me an error on launch: Windows Application Error (0xc0000135). What should I do?
    Answer: you have not installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 libraries on your PC. You can download redistributable package from Microsoft official web site at this page
  4. Question: I have installed this application, but it gives me an error on launch and closes. What should I do?
    Answer: you have not installed Microsoft Managed DirectX libraries on your PC. You can download redistributable package from our site at this page, or you should update installed Microsoft DirectX libraries to the latest version.
  5. Question: I have moved my installed game to another drive/folder. How can I continue to collect it's usage statistics?
    Answer: before launching of such game open this application and select new executable file location using corresponding context menu command. Gameplay statistics will be correctly collected in the future.
  6. Question: if I reinstall this application into the same location, will my gameplay statistics be preserved?
    Answer: yes, after reinstalling this application into the same location your gameplay statistics will be preserved.
  7. Question: I want to move already installed Gameplay Time Tracker to another drive/folder. How can I transfer my gameplay statistics and user settings?
    Answer: copy all *.xml files from
    • application folder (for versions up to 1.1.5)
    • subfolder “UserData” inside of application folder (for versions 1.2 and later)
    • subfolder “UserData” inside of “My documents / Gameplay Time Tracker” folder (for versions 1.4.1 and later, if UAC is enabled)
    into another location. Uninstall this application and install it to another location. Then copy all previously saved *.xml files into new program location. Your gameplay statistics and user settings will be available.
  8. Question: I have checked this application's memory usage with Windows Task Manager. Despite your declarations, it has increased in version 1.2. Why so?
    Answer: this application is built with Microsoft .NET framework, that is why Windows Task Manager displays incorrect memory usage. Most of displayed operating memory value is available for OS. So in reality version 1.2 has significant lower memory usage, cause it has lightweight resident module and fully on-demand user interface.
  9. Question: if I started playing some game in the evening, but stopped playing it in the morning next day, where will my gameplay time be recorded?
    Answer: application saves gameplay statistics on exiting the game. As a result, all your time will be saved within the next day data.
  10. Question: I have installed two different Windows versions. I play older games from Windows XP, newer games from Windows 7. Can I collect all my gameplay statistics in a single location?
    Answer: yes, you can. First, install my application into one Windows version. Second, log into another version of Windows and start my program manually from hard drive. Now my program will run after start of either Windows version, gameplay statistics will be the same.
  11. Question: I can see with Task Manager some strange process named Support64.exe, which starts and stops simultaneously with your program. Isn't it a virus?
    Answer: no, it isn't. This helper process is used by my program in 64-bit operating systems. Such technique allows me to bypass some Windows API limitations in cross-process interoperation. So, my program can correctly work with 32-bit and 64-bit applications. Aforementioned executable module is compiled by me and means no harm to your computer.
  12. Question: I am running Windows XP. SharpDX and SlimDX wrappers are not working. Why?
    Answer: SharpDX and SlimDX libraries use specific interfaces which exist only in WDDM video drivers. Therefore it is not possible to use these wrappers in Windows XP. Use Microsoft Managed DirectX in Windows XP.
  13. Question: my gameplay statistics in this program were corrupted, deleted etc. What can I do to restore it?
    Answer: this program automatically creates up to 10 backup copies of your data. These copies are located in “Backup” subfolder of your profile's folder (path to this folder is displayed in program settings). You can open any ZIP archive with corresponding application and extract all XML files to your profile folder.
  14. Question: I want to import my gameplay statistics from other similar application or service. I do not want to install every game just to detect them in Gameplay Time Tracker. Is there any way to add games that are not installed?
    Answer: yes, there is. You can add new game entry manually even if this game is not currently installed (in the list of games press button “Show more actions...”, select menu item “Add game”).
  15. Question: I am a parent and I want to control how much time my children spend in PC games. Is there a way to silently run this program on my PC?
    Answer: yes, there is. You can disable all notifications in program's settings. In this mode my program does not display anything for current user.
  16. Question: I want to send backup files of my gameplay statistics to cloud service (e.g. Dropbox). Is there a way to do it automatically?
    Answer: yes, there is. You can select additional backup path in program's settings. If you select a synchronization folder of any cloud service, then all backup files will be automatically copied to the cloud.
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