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Key features

Detects almost any game running, including new releases
Automatically describes detected games
Detects user in-game activity
Collects gaming controller usage statistics
Allows to add any game to Windows Games Explorer
Supports 64 bit Windows OS and applications
Supports high-DPI (4K) displays
Detects Windows Store (UWP) applications
Supports user profiles
Does not reduce performance of your gaming rig
Installs and works under restricted user account
It's free of charge!

It is a freeware, it is free for noncommercial usage
It doesn't include any adware or banners
It has no expiration date
It is available for direct download without any registration
System requirements

Operating system Microsoft Windows XP or later version (including Microsoft Windows 10)
Redistributable of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or more recent version
Recent version of Microsoft DirectX libraries
Interface languages

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • French
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Slovenian
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Description of Gameplay Time Tracker application

Personal information protection policy

All your personal data collected by this application is stored on your PC only and is not transmitted over the network. Such data includes descriptions of your installed games and your game controller usage statistics. No other personal data is collected or transmitted over the network to other devices.

Most important features

  • Stores information on the last gameplay: which video game title have you played recently and for how long?
  • Collects statistics for all games you have played (total runs count, last gameplay duration, total gameplay duration)
  • Detects Universal Windows Platform (UWP, Windows Store) applications:
    • Native UWP applications running in fullscreen mode (Shift + Win + Enter)
    • Classic Win32 applications published in Windows Store using Desktop-to-UWP bridge
  • Collects usage statistics for gaming controllers (mouse, keyboard, joystick, steering wheel)
  • Brings easy-to-use game launcher panel for all of your installed games
  • Allows to add your older games into Windows Games Explorer (“Games” folder)
  • Allows to group your games by genres (or any other criteria)
  • Allows to edit any game description manually (if you are not satisfied with automatic detection results)
  • Allows to add any game manually (if automatic detection algorithm has failed)
  • Allows to manually block applications mistakenly detected as games (for example, video players)
  • Allows to block Windows Logo key to prevent problems with fullscreen games

How does it work?

As soon as you install application Gameplay Time Tracker to your PC, it automatically starts on operating system boot and monitors running processes.
If current foreground application switches to full-screen mode and so on, it is considered as a video game. In this case, my program scans your system once for any information on that game:
  • Application title and description
  • Application developer or publisher
  • Application icon file
Information that was found is used to display that game in statistics.
Once in a while, such algorithm may detect an application by mistake, for example, some video players in full-screen mode. If you find such application in your statistics, you can block them from being detected in the future by one button click.
I personally think that blocking a few unnecessary applications is much easier than adding all your installed games to the list manually. Don't you agree?

Known limitations

  • It does not automatically detect windowed games (they can be added manually)
  • It does not detect games running within console emulators (but it is possible to detect emulators themselves)
  • It does not detect DOS games
If you have any suggestions or can propose some new features for this program - contact the developer (that is, me) by email mik61.software@gmail.com!

Application settings guide

  1. Interface language
    • Interface language combobox
      Selects language from the list of available languages. Restart apllication for this setting to take effect.
  2. User profiles
    • Profile management
      • Add new profile
        Adds profile for a new user. Enter new user name in the form.
      • Edit selected profile
        Renames user profile which is selected in the list. Enter new user name in the form.
      • Delete selected profile
        Deletes user profile which is selected in the list.
  3. Interface
    • Display balloon tooltips in system tray
      Enables or disables displaying application messages as balloons in Windows taskbar.
    • Display game launcher icon in system tray
      Enables or disables displaying built-in game launcher icon in Windows taskbar.
    • Display time in hours
      Enables or disables displaying time in hours when it exceeds one day (i.e. “30 hours” instead of “1 day, 6 hours”).
    • Display time using only digits
      Enables or disables displaying time in digital form (i.e. “01:30:00” instead of “1 hour, 30 minutes”).
    • Display tips at startup
      Enables or disables displaying useful tips when opening main window.
    • Use voice messages
      Enables or disables speaking voice messages when a game is detected or closed.
    • Hide tooltips on items of main menu
      Enables or disables displaying floating tooltips on items of main menu.
    • Open the list of games instead of the list of groups
      Enables or disables opening of the list of games instead of the list of groups when clicking “My games” menu item.
    • Location of overlay window with gameplay timer
      Sets the location of floating semitransparent window displaying current gameplay time. It will be displayed only when you play windowed, not fullscreen, game.
  4. Autosave feature
    • Enable autosave feature
      Enables or disables periodic automatic saving of user data.
    • Interval of automatic saving of all application data (in minutes)
      Sets number of minutes for interval of automatic saving of all application data.
  5. Backup settings
    • Backup files location
      Selects directory for backup copies of saved game files.
    • Automatically back up new saved games after each game session
      Enables or disables automatic backup of new saved game files after each game session.
  6. Operating system
    • Start application automatically on system boot
      Enable or disable automatic launch of this application after Windows startup.
    • Keyboard - «Windows Logo» key
      Enable or disable keyboard key with Windows logo. If you accidentally press this key in some games you will exit to desktop and you will be unable to return to the game. You can avoid this troublesome behaviour by disabling the key. All keyboard shortcuts with this key will also be disabled. This setting requires system reboot.
    • Application update
      Interval of automatic check for new application version available on home page.
      Values: never (default), every day, every week, every month.
  7. Game detection
    • Require DirectX or OpenGL library reference
      Enables or disables requirement for detected games to use DirectDraw, Direct3D or OpenGL functions.
      Disable this setting to detect more games.
    • Detect DirectX exclusive fulscreen mode
      Enables or disables requirement for detected games to use exclusive fulscreen mode.
      Enable this setting to detect more games.
    • Detect video memory usage
      Enables or disables requirement for detected games to use at least specified amount of video memory.
      Enable this setting to detect more games.
    • Application is a game if it is using the following amount of video memory (percentage)
      Sets the minimum amount of video memory used by detected game.
      Set this setting to lower value to detect more games.
    • Do not pause current game session when the game is out of focus
      Allows or disallows current session to continue when application is running in the background.
  8. Input devices
    • Detect user activity (usage of mouse, keyboard, joysticks, wheels etc.)
      Enables or disables calculation of interactive gameplay time.
    • User is inactive if not present for the following time interval (in minutes)
      Sets time interval, measured in minutes, of user input inactivity when the user is considered inactive.
    • Collect controller usage statistics
      Enables or disables collection of mouse movement distance, mouse button click count, keyboard key press count, joystick button press count.
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